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Cafes are incomplete without Corian solid surface

Designed By Desert Pearl Decor LLC.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

This is more than just a countertop material. Corian solid surface knows that at the heart of every design there is an element, a personality, a material, a color, a theme, a function that makes the space. Get ready for a new experience, and let us help you make your space!

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Why Corian Solid Surface?


Easy To Clean





Designed By Corian® DUPONT

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Designed By Corian® DuponT
Kitchen Top

A Professional designer will work with you to design your Kitchen

With Corian solid surface, you get the ultimate freedom of expression in kitchen design, combining enduring beauty with valuable functionality.

Effortless Cleaning
Seamless Appearance
Easy To Clean Kitchen Top
Say God Bye To Cockroaches

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Made By Desert Pearl Decor
Vanity Top

You should only choose Corian® Vanity Tops

This custom fabricated integrated vanity top and sink offers an easy design solution to reflect your unique bathroom style. With one-piece, seamless construction, Corian® Solid surface creates an entire, continuous surface that is designed by using seamless undermounting techniques eliminate rims that trap dirt and water, minimizing cleaning and maintenance.

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“Desert Pearl Decor is very professional and specialist of Corian solid surface in Abu Dhabi.”

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