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Building Inspiring Interiors

Manufactured using strong raw material backed by over 15 years of research and a dedicated staff. Introduced as the best available with a uniform surface and structure. We are delighted to satisfy your requirements, as distinctive and expressive as your desire, within a short span of time. Available in many shapes and design to meet your needs, highly recommended for any environment that demands toughness, strength and impact resistant qualities. Recommended for place when hygienic factors are off prime importance, such as kitchenware Sinks, Wash Basins, Bathroom Counter Tops, Bath Tub Surrounds, Shelves, Table Tops, Elevator Flooring, International Decoration works and many more items. Retains its original appearance long after initial installation, durable and restore its original colors with easy stain and scratch removal quality.

Expert Partners Agree

“Desert Pearl & Al Laytani are working as a group of companies from last 15 years.”

Dr. Ahmed El Tamer • General Manager
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